Thursday, 22 August 2013


Hello, as you may know, the first 22 episodes of this blog are the text of my ebook, 'How To Become A Crack Addict' (Jan to April 2013), which you can buy on amazon if you wish.  If you do, or have, I would really appreciate a review - there are two good ones already, and all are welcome.  From then on, the blog is the almost-daily reflections of yours truly, Benjamin of Turnham Green.  So here are today's profound reflections...


Well, today has been a money day, which has been hard.  I had no plans, and I've heard that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  The morning was hard, because I'd hardly slept, so, after a few cups of tea, and a bit of youtubing, I lay on my beanbag (one of the lovely things I've bought for my little cabin since putting the crack down), and listened to England vs Australia playing cricket, and it was quite a nice experience, even though Australia were doing quite well.  I then buried myself in finishing off the first song I've written in a while (with my new keyboard, another gift of recovery).  I got money today, so I often felt like appeasing the boredom by going out and using, if only for the company.  But, luckily, I managed to complete the song, and although it's a bit rusty, I'm glad I've got it done, and put it on youtube with a little video filmed with my webcam (another reward of recovery).  And it's above, if you fancy a listen.  It's called Autumn Blues.  Turns out there are about two hundred songs called Autumn Blues on youtube, so it needs all the support it can get.  I hope you quite like it.  There are other songs by me on there too, under the name of Benjamin Lo-Fi.  I shall write more tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by.

And that is all I have to say today.

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