Tuesday, 8 December 2015

BLIND MAN ON CRACK: Missing Episode

 There was a missing episode from the parchments of 'Blind Man On Crack', which we show below.  It's believed Suggs, from Madness, and Donald Trump, from America, saw this episode unfold from the sidewalk...

  Donald Trump called round on Suggs, the singer from 80s band Madness, and as they sat there, with smokes and chocolate, Donald said to Suggs, 'I like your net-curtains, are they voile?'  'No,' said Suggs, 'muslin.'
  Donald didn't call again.
  Suggs, sucking on a humbug (British mint), thought 'I wonder why they did call him Snow Queen at Business Camp...'
  Then this song was heard in the air, in the local neighbourhood:  Snow Queen

That was the missing episode.


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