Sunday, 17 November 2013

AFTERMATH: A Crackhouse Romance

Hi, thanks for popping by.  You may know by now that the first 22 episodes of this blog (Jan to April 2013) are the text of my ebook, 'How To Become A Crack Addict'.  You can buy this on amazon, as a kindle, if you would like to.  If you do, or have, please do post a review there, because all feedback is appreciated.  So, here is today's little contribution, memories of a couple I knew when I was in the thick of my inglorious decade of addiction...

Before we begin, here is a song for you, written by me under my guise of Benjamin Lo-Fi, and posted on youtube...would be great if you'd give it a listen...

My song, 'Get Out Of My Room'


Rob sat on the sofa, Carol in the armchair.  The dog, stinking, scuttled in, a skeleton in a tight fur suit.  'Ah, Mungo, you're a menace,' Carol decrees.  The crossword is done, so there's no way to speed up time, to bring Killer that bit quicker.  Rob notes a note.  'Is it the 24th?'  Carol looks at phone.  'Yeah...'  'Then we've got three days to get the bike out,' he says, showing the note.  'I know...'  'We're not going to be able to do it, are we?'  'Alan might want juice on Tuesday...'  The buzzer goes.  'It's Killer,' says Rob, in a mock-Mexican accent, rising like a stickman from the sofa.  Clutching notes, goes into the hall.  Carol, in armchair, reaches forth, places pillow of ash on pipe, hopes Killer has both, crack for starters, and main, heroin dessert.  Her anticipation, the cerebral equivalent of a salivating cat when the treats are rattling.  And Rob, one of the harem, gyrates in old jeans, looks for work, coughs up on Thursday, keeps the patchwork of the week almost intact.  'Would Alan want juice?  If so, how many mils?'  Peaks, troughs, and the peaks are getting thinner and shorter, the troughs longer and deeper.  But she knows there's love in the midst of this, in the mist.

And that is the end of this small crackhouse romance.

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