Thursday, 25 July 2013

AFTERMATH: Afternoons

Thanks for dropping by.  As you may know, the first 22 episodes of this blog, from Jan to April 2013, are the text of the book, 'How To Become A Crack Addict', which you can buy on amazon, if you stoop that low.  From that point on, under the bitter banner of Aftermath, you will find the near-daily musings of your author, the last living baronet in Shepherd's Bush.  I hope you enjoy them.


Every friend of compulsion knows the mystic force of early afternoon, money in the bank, days of anger banked up like unmeltable snow, and a wish for something more, but not necessarily a noble more, like that bowl of gruel Twist requested, but a borderline more, one that comes with a hung parliament of whisperers and silhouette spectators, all with an opinion on whether to sit it out, or proceed.  And when proceed translates as advance, it sounds more advanced, even though it hasn't yet.  But when the boulder of self is shouldered through the foliage, a dark momentum gathers, and birds either go quiet, or perhaps are just more easily ignored.

Snakes hide under logs, until you're on your journey home.

And they are my thoughts for the day.

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