Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Good day, and thank you for coming.  You might already know that the first 22 posts of this blog are the text of my ebook 'How To Become A Crack Addict' (from Jan to April 2013).  You can also buy it for a modest fee on amazon, which I heartily encourage, and, if you do, please do leave a review, whatever you think of it, as all feedback is precious to me.  Meanwhile, here is today's scintillating entry of the blog, and a link to a song of mine on youtube at the end, if you're still awake...


One of my favourite clichés from the months, nay, years I spent haunting the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous, and other twelve-step congregations.  But today I had one...a luxury problem, that is.

I was in Nero, a well-known coffee-shop near to my exclusive pad, when I realised I needed the loo (possibly brought on by my Americano (which I'd nearly finished)).  Was I to go toilet, and return to my drink?  Or should I finish it, and then go?  I had to factor in the fact that the drink, about half an hour old, had been bathing in strong sunlight, as shone through the southwest-facing window (it was around four in the afternoon (for optimum shine)).  Feeling torn, perplexed, and peeved, I felt it was best to take my toilet, and return to enjoy the last inch of my Americano without the nagging from below hampering my enjoyment of it.  And so I did.  On my return, I savoured another ten to fifteen minutes at table, reading my braille Old Curiosity Shop, and sipping with a newfound nonchalance my still-warm Americano.  And I didn't even feel that guilty about spending someone else's holiday, possibly yours, for the thousandth day of this peculiar sabbatical.

And, to return to my theme, this was indeed a luxury problem.  In the thick of my using, I probably wouldn't have even got to Nero, that well-known coffee-shop near my bijou cabin, nor would I have been reading in braille my Dickens, nor would I have even been thankful of the sun's beams tweaking through the glass, warming both me and my beverage.

And the people who work there are so friendly, and I didn't really mind that I'd been in there virtually every day of the year, so far.  They do a chocolate bear now, you know, called Bruno.

And here is a song in tribute to coffee-shops and cappuccinos everywhere...
The Coffee Shop Of Dreams

And that's all I have to say today, if that's ok.  Tomorrow?

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